Alexandra Kremer - Birth & Parenting Specialist
Located in:
St Albans, United Kingdom

Alex Kremer is an award-winning birth and parenting consultant. Trained in the Freedom Fertility Formula, Birth Trauma Resolution and a certified parenting consultant (Alex trained with CalmFamily to help support families through tricky periods), Alex continues to hone her skills at a number of courses and has worked with a number of clients as well as appearing as a parenting expert on Talk Radio, BBC Radio3 as well as being featured in countless magazines and newspapers including The Telegraph, Mother + Baby and My Baba. Her services range from supporting those having issues conceiving to enhance their chances of fertility success to working as a Doula and guiding women through their labours. Alex also helps women who have been through a particularly traumatic birth – whether medically or emotionally or both – manage to process it. And, as a Parenting Coach, Alex offers tools based on a psychological understanding of children and how they develop best to help parents navigate guiding their child through childhood. Head to her website to read her glowing references and/ or drop her a line to find out more about her methods and how she can support you and your family.


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