Belinda Matwali
Located in:
North-west London, London, United Kingdom

Belinda Matwali blends meditation, spiritual psychology, compassionate inquiry (a trauma informed approach) subconscious reprogramming, and astrology into her sessions with clients.

Clients often come to work through a big life change, feeling lost, sobriety coaching, working with anxiety, increasing confidence and creativity.

She is a mentee of Dr Gabor Mate, has done over 20 meditation trainings, has studied astrology with a variety of leading teachers, and has decades of experience in wellness.

Belinda also offers individual astrology readings, private meditation lessons and coaching, and runs a community group with live meditations.

She is involved in luxury retreats around the world.

Belinda has been featured in The Times Luxury, The Metro, ELLE UK, Harpers Bazaar France, and Soul & Spirit.  She’s collaborated with major companies such as Deliciously Ella, Lush, Sweaty Betty, Wanderlust, Beatport and more.

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