Nymph of Neptune
Located in:
Kensington and Chelsea, London, United Kingdom

Nymph of Neptune is an astrologer and intuitive tarot reader who helps clients find new levels of power and authenticity. Through reading your birth chart Nymph of Neptune can reveal the psychological effects of your unique astrological makeup. Her 1-1 sessions will unlock hidden potential for growth and spark innovative ideas helping you to move past obstacles that prevent you from shining your true light on the world! Emphasis is placed on shedding family conditioning and igniting a fire under what your soul really came here to express.


Laura – New Media activations
Hedy’s birth chart reading was very clarifying for me to gain insight into my attributes, behaviours and influences. Her empowering use of words enabled me to see myself in ways I’d not considered. Super insightful, clarifying and empowering. I cant wait to do a tarot reading with her next. 
Phoebe – Counsellor and Mother.
Hedy is extremely personable and explains everything in such a gentle, clear and understandable way. I highly recommend both her Tarot and natal chart readings.
This was the first time I’d had a reading done, I was completely unsure of what to expect and went with no specific questions I needed answered, just searching for a bit more direction. Hedy was really incredible, she identified things I had been thinking about not 5 minutes into the session and I was completely blown away by the accuracy of the physic reading. I came away feeling much more centred and less uncertain, with a much clearer focus for next steps and a better understanding of what my birth chart meant. Highly recommend for everyone, especially those going for the first time!


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