Modern Ayurvedist
Located in:
Central London, London, United Kingdom
Belfast, United Kingdom
Lisbon, Portugal

If you’re struggling with an imbalance, looking to correct or support an issue that has arisen within the body or want to adopt a more holistic approach to your health and lifestyle, Ayurveda may just be the answer. Founder of Modern Ayurdedist, Anthea, states that “Ayurveda identifies imbalances in the mind and body before it develops into disease and uses a combination of food, spices, herbs, natural oils, daily and seasonal rhythms, gentle seasonal cleansing, lifestyle, yoga, and Ayurvedic manual therapies to correct the root causes of imbalances in the body and mind.” Having gained an MSc in Psychology and a Certificate in Gestalt Counselling, Anthea went on to become a qualified Ayurveda Diet and Lifestyle Consultant and has found that combining all these different schools of thought has created the perfect framework for her transform her clients lifestyle and empower them to manage their own wellbeing.


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