My Pilates MO
Located in:
Hampshire, United Kingdom

Founder of My Pilates m.o, Emma’s, fitness career started 20 years ago as a Fitness and Aerobic Instructor but it wasn’t until she experienced a back injury in 2010 that she found the immense power and positive impact Pilates has on the body. Emma re-trained as a Pilates instructor and her Mat Pilates were an instant hit, with clients finding her method helping them overcome a range of body issues. Emma, now an expert trainer in Pilates, teaches classes from intensive reformer one-on-ones to Pre- and Post-Natal classes. Her group classes hold a maximum of six people and are tailored around the clients’ needs and expectations. 

The Pilates technique My Pilates m.o use is the STOTT PILATES® method and as well as mat based stretches Emma and her qualified instructors will also use equipment including Pilates weights and balls, flex bands and Pilates circles for toning, strength and resistance. Throughout the classes the instructors are very mindful of any pre-existing injuries or conditions and also focus on your own personal fitness goals so you feel completely confident that the class will be both beneficial and safe for you.

At My Pilates m.o. HQ there’s plenty of Pilates Equipment to tailor your Pilates class to suit you perfectly. There is a Pilates Reformer, complete with springs, ropes and pulleys, a Stability Chair and a whole host of Pilates balls, flex bands and hand weights to increase resistance and build strength. 

Emma’s Qualifications:

Level 3 Mat Pilates 

Pilates for Common Orthopaedic Conditions

Pilates with Small Equipment

STOTT PILATES®  Intensive Mat Plus

STOTT PILATES®  Intensive Reformer

STOTT PILATES®  Pre-Natal Pilates on the Reformer

STOTT PILATES®  Pre-Natal Pilates

STOTT PILATES®  Post-Natal Pilates



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