Paste Dental
Located in:
Belfast, United Kingdom

Paste is a new expression of Cosmetic Dentistry for Belfast. 

We deliver culturally driven, world-class care and service for those who want dentistry to fit their lifestyle.

We make going to the dentist better and we want to help you achieve your Ideal Smile, whatever that is for you! No judgement, no fear, your true-self should shine and be celebrated-period!

Paste is a cosmetic dental practice launched by Alan Clarke in 2021 and is a new concept, providing expert care, delivering a bespoke curated service, never an out of the box smile!

Having trained in the US, Abu Dhabi and London, Alan wanted to bring a new purpose to the city, under-pinned by international excellence, but accessible, real and honest. 

Excellent care and beautiful smiles are a given, it’s the authentic personal relationship that is Paste.

We love stories and are inspired each day by artists, makers and leaders who chose to place their trust in the team at Paste. Customer service is not a mere process for us, it is our privilege to show hospitality to our guests, to know them, their lives and that of their families. We play a small part in their story as they become the fabric of ours.

We are so lucky to have been featured in the New York Post, Daily Mail, Huff Post and are winners at the Private Dentistry Awards 2022 and the Irish Dentistry Awards 2022!

We are the first practice in Ireland to embrace AI technology for our patients, taking early diagnosis to a new level of accuracy, promoting a prevention based approach to all our patients!!


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