Abi Adams
Located in:
Exeter, United Kingdom

I click all aspects of your female health into one place using my 20 years of experience, research and studies. Whether you are menstruating or going through perimenopause, I am your anchor and confidant through what can feel chaotic and isolating.

I incorporate your emotional, hormonal and physical health into a focused, confident and reliable approach that is consistent, fun and incredibly fulfilling.

Abi is the most resilient, knowledgable and wise woman I know. I always turn to her when my female health needs an audit” Suzy Harris, Actis.

I do this through specialised 1:1 packages that chart a course of 6 months or as a long-term lifestyle support, on The Project Woman Experience and through my Project Woman Collective. I also support businesses in cultivating a transformational strategy that includes building relationships, collecting data, and creating a long-term approach toward female health that increases productivity and confidence with teams small to large.

I have traveled the world for the last 15 years learning and studying the body and how it repairs and heals itself; mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Through Yoga, chakra psychology, various aspects of massage/physical manipulation, menstrual cycle awareness, and Functional Kinesiology, I have built a toolkit like no other that offers autonomy and power that serves everybody.

I am also the founder of Prøject Wøman; Since 2019, Prøject Wøman has supported hundreds of women in overcoming their outdated, low-energy, and hard approach to health beliefs, changing the way they see, feel and treat themselves.

If you’re tired of putting up with the limited approach to female health and want to full fulfilled beyond your wildest dreams, you can create a free clarity call by clicking here.


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