Katrin Hinkle Zeller
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My name is Katrin Hinkle Zeller. I grew up in Germany and live since 2006 in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca Mexico together with my husband and our four children. I’m a trained and certified Birth Doula since 2017, Somatic Practitioner, and Advanced EFT Practitioner.

I support woman at any stage in their Motherhood journey to create a truly thriving and fulfilled Motherhood & Life reality by bringing their body on board, rewriting cellular memories stored in the body and regulating their nervous system so they find their own unique path and answers and step into agency and gratitude for and over their life.

I guide pregnant woman through somatic exercises and body meditations to connect deeper with their body, their body-wisdom, their intuition, their own biography and their unborn baby. By using EFT Tapping I aid them to release stored limiting beliefs and fears and allow them a place of safety where they can express themself fully and through this find, create and receive what they truly desire for themself and their baby. Scientific evidence has shown that what leads to a satisfying Birth experience isn’t as much that everything went as it was dreamed of but that the woman felt truly seen, heard and respected and that she had the evidence based information and the self-knowledge to know what she needs and wants and the inner confidence to go for it.

During postpartum I walk closely with the woman for 40 days offering them professional expertise for lactation and newborn care & emotional support for all the integration, uncertainty and finding yourself new that happens during that vulnerable and deeply transformative time. I offer basic Relationship support to help couples create more closeness and not growing apart in this sensitive time by giving them communication tools, knowledge of each others love language, anchoring them in their love for each other and giving them a understanding of the intense hormonal processes that the woman goes through in that time. (BIRTH-COACHING, LOVE TIES, FEEL GOOD MOTHERHOOD)

In my capacity as an advanced EFT Practitioner I support woman through healing and grief processes of a pregnancy loss or abruption, of a traumatic Birth or a Birth that didn’t go as wished for, of postpartum depression and postpartum-stress syndrome. (EFT SESSIONS)

I also offer group programs (RADIANT MOTHERHOOD) and individual support (EFT SESSIONS) for mothers at any part in their journey. I support woman who realise that their daily reality isn’t what they want, that they react in ways with their children they don’t want, that they feel stressed, exhausted and depleted and don’t enjoy the way they feel about themself, their body and their life to find acceptance and peace with their journey. I guide them by healing their own inner child to find their voice and agency through motherhood and in their life, so they can create the deep connection with their child(ren) they desire and enjoy the magic that it is to be a mother.


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