Gemma Sprack || Rapid Yogi
Located in:
Hampshire, United Kingdom

Gemma Sprack is a CNHC qualified yoga teacher & yoga therapist who specialises in functional, every day movement. She has taught 1000’s of client’s over the last 7 years and knows just how impactful even a few minutes of mindful movement can be – both mentally & physically.

She is a keen advocate of working some movement every day and believes that it is better to do just 5-10 minutes every day than 60 minutes once a week. Gemma works hard to create practices that are fun, simple & accessible to all.

She is the founder of ‘The Feel Good Collective’ – an online community and library of classes designed to fit in around a busy life. She aims to bring a sense of fun & feel good to each of its members. She is also the face behind The Rapid Yogi, which focuses on delivering simple stretches & mobility work that you can incorporate into every day.

Gemma first started practicing yoga over 10 years ago, when life with 2 boys under 2 was all-consuming. She quickly became hooked on the feeling of space that it have her and as the boys got older she knew she needed to help others explore this same sense of freedom. As life moved on Gemma began to investigate different forms of exercise & movement and is now enjoys long distance running, outdoor swimming and strength training, all of which inform how she delivers her content.

As a busy mum of 2 and keen advocate of feel-good exercise Gemma fully understands how hard to can be to make time for yoga & mobility, but she also knows how key these are to being able to operate at your best everyday. That’s why she focuses on delivering practices & exercises that will deliver the most amount of return in the minimum time available.

With her friendly & fun approach to delivering yoga that doesn’t take itself too seriously Gemma had built a following of likeminded people who love to move and enjoy a more light hearted approach to their exercise. Suitable for all abilities The Feel Good Collective is one of the easiest ways to ensure you’re in tune with your body & feeling good as often as you possibly can.

To find out more and to connect with Gemma directly head to her website or email [email protected]


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