Georgie Clarke
Located in:
South London, London, United Kingdom

I’m an Accredited Transformational Life Coach and Somatic & Body-Oriented Coach helping women cultivate confidence, courage and self-esteem. I support women in realising the power they possess, the boundless potential they have and help liberate them from fear and self-doubt so they can FINALLY fall in love with their life, feel able express themselves authentically and learn to navigate life’s curveballs with confidence, clarity and calm.

I work collaboratively with my clients to identify inner barriers, emotional blocks and subconscious limiting beliefs that might be keeping them stuck or stagnant, and help reframe them into positive, empowering thoughts and ways of being using a range of methods including Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Somatic & Body-Oriented Coaching, Mindfulness, Meditation, Visualisation and Breathwork.

I will help you to…

  • Reconnect with yourself, your values and your identity for greater purpose, direction and clarity
  • Reframe your thoughts from negative and limiting to positive and empowering
  • Regulate your nervous system for enhanced emotional resilience, reduced stress, tension and anxiety
  • Reclaim your confidence so you can manifest your dreams and fulfil your greatest desires

I’m deeply passionate about helping women embody deep-rooted self-worth and unshakeable self-belief so they feel empowered to claim the life of their dreams.

I have worked in wellness for over 5 years and offer 1:1 coaching services online and in-person.


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