Priscilla Ramirez
Located in:
Central London, London, United Kingdom

Priscilla works with individuals to help them be in control of their life by mastering their mindset, clarifying their vision, and taking strategic action toward achieving their goals.

Priscilla is a senior-level accredited coach with an MSc in Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology, a former Met Police Detective, a trained CBT practitioner, and mother of two based in West London. She works with individuals across a range of high-stress positions, such as Metropolitan police detectives, medical researchers, business owners, key workers, and parents helping them to tackle performance inhibiting beliefs and behaviours such as anxiety, stress, worry, imposter syndrome, self -doubt etc in order to Master their Mindset and flourish across different life areas.

“Whatever it is you seek to achieve, whether it is in your personal or professional life the first step is always to Master your Mindset. This is because the negative beliefs we hold about ourselves, our capabilities, and our potential is the first stumbling block that can derail us from either getting started or giving up when things get tough. Unlike other approaches to goal achievement which rely on a person’s willpower to reach success and have a strong focus on ‘fixing’ the individuals’ flaws and weaknesses, I take a positive and holistic approach to goal attainment.”

Through her coaching practice, Plan Be, Priscilla combines the scientifically grounded study of Positive Psychology, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), and NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), with her own personalised step-by-step method to help clients uncover their strengths, positive attributes, and learn proven tools and techniques to become their own hero (cape optional).


Lucy Beckwith –  YoMu

Thanks to Priscilla after only a couple of months I could feel my beliefs about my business transforming and as a result, I began to create my dream life as a full-time yoga teacher. Everything I set out to achieve with Priscilla at the beginning of the coaching has manifested. My classes are full, I am being consistently asked to teach by different people and studios in the city, I have a steadily growing client base and am now traveling to teach at retreats all around Europe. However, the most valuable gift I received from the coaching with Priscilla was belief in myself and my dreams, I felt that she was with me 100 percent throughout our coaching sessions and still keeps up to date with my progress. I cannot recommend PLAN BE more and I will continue sessions as maintenance for my continual transformation inside and out. 

Princess Booker – Nine Mile Clothing

Within a few sessions, I was able to lay out all of my fears and break them down to conquer them. I didn’t just feel as if I had a business coach but I felt that I had another team member which gave me more confidence in decision making.  As my sessions continued, I started planning and setting goals, which I continually accomplished. I achieved more than I would have because of these sessions as I was held accountable for my progress. For a global business owner with a small team who was unsure about using a business coach, I have never been so certain now. It was necessary for me as I have been growing at a rapid rate and needed clarity and someone to listen and help me achieve what I am capable of. With Priscilla, I was able to break down any limitations I had in my mind that were preventing me from growing. I like to call her my ‘Wendy’ – from BILLIONS tv show!

Anne – Metropolitan Police; after attending a 2 hours mindset workshop for Metropolitan police staff.

Thank you very much for the session. I have gained so much from it and found it really engaging and useful. The presentation was very professional, honest and realistic. The two-hour session was far more useful than any one-to-one therapy I have had. This is simply because a resolution is offered without anyone having to keep repeating their story of “what went wrong”, how they felt then and how they feel now.


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