Mathilda Littlehales
Located in:
North-west London, London, United Kingdom

I have been immersed in the world of wellness for the last 10 years but really it extends throughout my whole life as I was brought up by very holistic parents and I was exposed to an alternative way of living through them. I have trained in Holistic Health Coaching, Transformational Life Coaching, Breathwork, Women’s Circles, Women’s Holistic Health, Somatic Based Sex Coaching and am currently in the middle of my training as a Psychotherapist. I specialise in working with women. I am based in London and work online too.

My approach to working with clients weaves together experiences from my own healing process and depth of personal exploration, with extensive and continual professional training.

The ethos of ‘holistic’ is at the core of my integrative approach, with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves all being tended and explored throughout my work with clients.

I support women in a plethora of things, many of which ultimately root back to the relationship we have with ourselves. I walks alongside women in their exploration of cultivating a deeper, more loving and intimate relationship with themselves, and in turn their relationship to others and life can then flourish too.

I incorporate different ways of working depending on the client. These include therapeutic exploration, somatic practices and lifestyle interventions.


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