Selen Gulbahce
Located in:
North-west London, London, United Kingdom

I’m a qualified nutrition and lifestyle coach with a background in computer engineering. I empower my clients to break free of the diet culture and build lifelong habits that provide them with FAST, intelligent and Sustainable weight-loss, better gut health, stronger immunity, increased energy, improved sleep, better stress management and healthier hair & skin.

I’m the creator of Alka-Terranean Method, which is my signature method that combines the principles and biochemistry of Alkaline Nutrition (a focus on plant-based foods) with the flexibility of a Mediterranean diet and lifestyle. 

My Alka-Terranean Method is a proven, effective and science-backed method. Since 2015, using my Alka-Terranean Method, I have coached over 4,000 people to reach their wellness goals. 80% of those 4000+ clients I have coached reached their goals in less than two months, and 70% feel confident in maintaining it.

My Nutrition Coaching career started with my frustrations with yo-yo dieting and struggling to find a long-term solution. Like many, I spent years subjecting my body to fad diets until my health began to suffer seriously. This ‘wake-up call’ led me to reclaim my health and discover my signature method.

Coming from a professional background as a Computer Engineer, I know all too well how mentally challenging and consuming it can be for busy people to live everyday healthily and consistently. I empower women and men to follow a healthy lifestyle and gain knowledge to maintain progress. Making the process of reaching wellness goals attainable and accessible, I offer group coaching programs as well as 1-to-1 coaching. I also have self-led online programs. 




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