DNA Dititian
The DNA Dietitian
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Central London, London, United Kingdom

Whether you want to boost your energy, lose 20 pounds or treat digestive issues like IBS once and for all,  Rachel Clarkson (aka The DNA Dietitian) is a leading board-certified expert in Nutrigenomics – personalising dietary advice based upon your unique genetic code that alters the way you metabolise nutrients. Rachel guest-lectures in the subject at St Mary’s university and has successfully helped countless clients fit into their old jeans, increase chances of becoming pregnant, solve IBS, reverse high cholesterol, blood pressure and pre-diabetes and even help prevent against cancer and other diseases.

Having qualified at King’s College London and trained at some of London’s leading hospitals, Rachel started out working in the NHS before setting up her private practice on Harley Street. Rachel has carried out research in inflammation in the body, achieved a Masters in Nutritional Science and published her research in how lifestyle choices can impact your DNA expression.  I could go on but what I am really trying to say that when you go to see Rachel not only are you seriously in safe hands but you will absolutely be able to get the help you need. From one-to-one nutritional counselling using next generation, Rachel tailors each session to your needs and can look into any issues that you are trying to unravel successfully with her ability to back up her advice with science (and often in depth results from tests). Rachel works with her clients over 3 months and offers a few packages that all start with an initial consultation.

Watch this video on what happens during an initial consultation with The DNA Dietitian.


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