Nadine Bowen-Price
Located in:
London, United Kingdom

A registered and insured Functional Nutritional Therapist and Naturopathic Practitioner based in London, with science as the foundation to my practice trained to degree level with both a Naturopathy (DipCNM) and Nutrition (DipCNM) from London’s leading school in Biomedicine, Nutrition and Naturopathy.

The right nutrition is fundamental for our overall health. It can support everything from weight loss, digestion, hormones to skin health. Basically, any health concern can use nutrition as a preventative measure to get to the root cause of a condition. 

With a passion for natural health and using a kind holistic approach as a preventative measure, I like to combine my knowledge of Nutrition and Naturopathy and use a functional approach to health, addressing the person as a whole and get to the root cause.

I focus on functional testing where appropriate for the clients needs and then using the power of food, herbs, homeopathy, iridology and bach flower remedies together, to support the client as a biochemically unique individual to help them achieve their optimal state of health and wellbeing naturally.

Nadine specialises in gut, skin health and weight management and is available via Zoom or in Harley Street, London.

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