Academy Healing Nutrition
Located in:
Central London, London, United Kingdom

Academy of Healing Nutrition is one of the longest established, and most comprehensive, natural healing curriculums in the world, with branches in New York, London, and Prague. This accessible, interactive, and comprehensive course has taught over 5,000 students how to achieve, sustain, and promote optimal health through Eastern and Western traditions like Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, longevity science, and the connection of mind, body, and spirit.

Academy of Healing Nutrition’s food-as medicine approach to nutrition provides simple ways to implement positive eating habits, powerful anti-aging techniques, and practical healing methods into your daily life.

A few topics covered in Academy’s Holistic Health Coach Certificate Training are:
An introduction to natural healing
Practical cooking for radiant health & longevity • Understanding Traditional Chinese Medicine and food energetics • Different constitutional body types
Being your own doctor
Health Assessment
Home remedies
Taoist tonic herbalism
Benefits of superfood elixirs and medicinal mushrooms
Cutting edge supplements
Principles of a longevity lifestyle
Meditation, massage, body work and exercises
Coaching and cultivating client rapport
Business development

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