Christabel Armsden
Located in:
Los Angeles, United States

Christabel has over five years of experience working with clients specifically in energy healing. She has also trained in Craniosacral Biodynamics, coaching and Family Constellation work, alongside various other modalities. Her sessions offer a unique blend of approaches.

Christabel cofounded Field Dynamics – a contemporary energy healing modality – in her commitment to increasing the awareness and accessibility of energy healing as a universal and contemporary practice. She is particularly interested in how energy work can be understood and incorporated in a broader holistic framework.

Fascinated by self-transformation and the mechanics of consciousness since childhood, she has studied multiple healing modalities including various forms of energy work, bodywork and meditation practices. As a certified coach and energy healer, Christabel has extensive experience supporting the growth and realisation of individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses, resulting from 15 years in management and consultancy. ​

Recognising personal healing as the foundation for collective healing, Christabel is driven by a desire to help facilitate self-empowerment in others.

Christabel offers remote sessions and trainings with clients all over the world, conducted live on Zoom.


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