The Women's wellbeing clinic
Located in:
Hampshire, United Kingdom

The Women’s Wellbeing Clinic was founded by Dr Liz Leek, a GP with a specialist interest and passion for Women’s Health. Dr Liz recognises the need for a greater offering of care to women, involving a holistic assessment, education and the opportunity to involve a diverse range of health practitioners to identify and manage the root cause of women’s health problems.

Therein the clinic has been built on the idea of empowering health and wellbeing through education and choice. We believe that health needs a secure foundation on which to be built. We believe that women need to be heard and their problems should be considered in view of everything that makes that woman the person she is today and together finding the most appropriate management to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. We can offer the full range of options from conventional medications to an integrated approach, drawing on the wisdom of both Western and Eastern Medicine.

We help women manage the peri-menopause, post menopausal symptoms such as incontinence, endometriosis, PCOS, optimising fertility, period problems, PMS and PMDD.


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