Anna Johnson
Located in:
Surrey, United Kingdom

I’m Anna, a TV Presenter, Actress & Pilates Instructor based in Cobham with easy access to London and the surrounding areas. I’ve been in the wellness industry for the past 10 years teaching Dance, Zumba and Pilates which made me realise you don’t have to punish yourself to exercise. Originally training as a dancer at Italia Conti, I went on to present on Heart FM, been in Eastenders, featured in various TV commercials and performed at the Royal Albert Hall. I qualified as a Pilates teacher 2 years ago and now teach at the renowned Beaverbrook as well as private clients in Cobham. I have recently created an online Pilates platform called Haus Pilates Co.  which brings the pilates studio experience, to your home and the main focus of my Pilates today and what I want to highlight.

Each month I share a bundle of exclusive classes for you to do, whenever it suits you, for less than the cost of 1 studio class! Over the past few years I have noticed the same common roadblocks, be it time, childcare, location and of course money. That’s why I have created this solution for people to feel good without the guilt or heavy burden of costs.

The platform consists of an array of pilates videos ranging from Dynamic Pilates to Calming Pilates matched to equally great playlists! Playlists are a big feature and are the key component to my signature class ‘House Pilates’ which has all the fundamentals of pilates, but with the added bonus of doing the class to House Music. I’ve always noticed a severe gap in fitness classes when it comes to music. You either have high energy party tunes in a Hiit class, or whale music in low impact classes, so I want to bring the party to pilates too.

The main thing with Haus Pilates Co. and this new wave of realising the ease of working out at home is you can simply roll out your mat without even getting in the car and shake out the tension and have fun with a House Pilates class in your living room, or ease yourself into the warmth of a calming pilates class. Each class is doable around your day to day plans, ranging from 15 minutes to 1 hour classes. Theres something for everyone.


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