Ellie Priest Brighton Pilates
Brighton Pilates
Located in:
Brighton, United Kingdom

Founded by Ellie Priest, Brighton Pilates offers a variety of different classes at different locations throughout Brighton, they even offer spectacular classes on the iconic BA i360 Tower, boasting views of the ocean and the Sussex Downs. Ranging from HIT Pilates ( a high-intensity workout that incorporates the Pilates principles of correct alignment, breath and stamina that can create a long, lean physique like no other workout can) to Classical Pilates (mat Pilates in its purest form that has stood the test of time in delivering great results quickly) as well as Contemporary Pilates (an hour-long class that will improve both body and mind) and 1:1 sessions. Ellie is passionate about Pilates and it comes through in her teachings and the ethos of Brighton Pilates. As Brighton’s first HIT Pilates and Classical Pilates teacher Ellie loves nothing more than helping people achieve their wellness goals!


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