Ed Stivala
Located in:
Harpenden, United Kingdom

Ed is a Performance Coach who specialises in working with peri and postmenopausal women that want to achieve their best possible results as Runners, Triathletes or Cyclists. He works both online and in-person with clients depending upon their location and requirements. In addition to established athletes, Ed frequently works with women that are either new to sport or returning and want expert support and guidance in doing so safely and avoiding injury. 

He provides technical coaching as well as event specific Strength & Conditioning. 


In addition to coaching his portfolio of clients, Ed regularly competes at running and triathlon events in the UK and Europe as well as being a regular blogger on all topics effecting the sporting performance of peri and postmenopasaule athletes.



  • England Athletic Endurance Event Specialist Coach
  • British Cycling Level 2 Coach
  • Swim England Level 2 Swim Instructor
  • NCFE Level 2 Understanding Nutrition and Health
  • Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training

To find out more and connect with Ed, you can find his blog at EdStivala.com 



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