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Monique Eastwood, 54, is the woman behind the bodies of superstar A-listers including Stanley Tucci, Emily Blunt, Hayley Atwell and Ruth Wilson as well as stuntwoman extraordinaire Lucy Cork and even athletes such as British Skier, Jack Gower.

Monique Eastwood—celebrity personal trainer, lifestyle coach, professional dancer has launched her own online LIVE workout programme, The Eastwood Movement Method.

Using key principles from Pilates and dance-inspired movement, Monique’s high intensity method, with a special focus on technique, creates bodies with long, lean and strong frames. The LIVE classes run four times a week (at £15 per session). If users are not able to log in live, they can request to have the recording after the class, to complete at a time that suits them.

Monique trained as a professional ballerina, at the prestigious Bush Davies British Ballet school in all methods of dance and stage. Her professional dancing career spanned 10 years. In 1990, Monique combined her love of dance with her knowledge of Pilates and fitness and the Eastwood Movement Method was born. It is this unique method that has sculpted the body of many Hollywood movie stars.

In 2020, when the Coronavirus pandemic hit and many were forced to stay at home, Monique pivoted her offering and started LIVE Zoom-based workouts for local and international clients. The popularity of her classes, which are high intensity but with a special focus on continual movement, alignment and technique, grew exponentially.

With a client base that has spanned decades, all ages and abilities included, Monique’s wellbeing ethos highlights the importance of everyday movement. Monique has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of how bodies move and react to movement and uses her method to keep client’s bodies fluid, lean and strong.

With a plethora of Hollywood stars keen to praise Monique’s style and approach, many describe her as tough but nurturing. As Actor Emily Blunt explains; “Monique is just the most extraordinary trainer. Not only does she understand the body in the most extensive and exciting way, but she understands YOU and how far you can push your body. I credit her for intensively maintaining and building on my physical transformation necessary for my action roles. She emboldens your physical performance so that you can be so proud of yourself whilst sculpting the body you always wanted. I only had to look at her for inspiration because the woman is superhuman!”

With decades of teaching experience, Monique has developed a unique skill of reading clients and what their bodies need from as little as one session. Stanley Tucci in particular marvels at Monique’s ability to ‘just know what my body needs on any given day’ . She affirms that training involves the psychological exercise as well as the physical and works with her clients to bring both into balance. It is a skill learnt from years of teaching various characters, physiques and principles of movement.

Monique hosts a range of LIVE and On Demand HIIT and technique based virtual workouts using her famous Eastwood Movement Method. Online classes can be accessed for just £15 per session, available at

Online class schedule*:

  • Monday (HIIT/POWER) – 9:00am-9:30am
  • Tuesday (TECHNIQUE/STRENGTH) – 9:00am – 10:00am
  • Wednesday (HIIT / POWER) – 7:30am -8:00am
  • Friday (HIIT/POWER) – 9:00am – 10:00am


  • Trained professional Ballet dancer with a  RAD advanced qualification.
  • RSA fitness qualification from the YMCA
  • Stott Pilates (mat work and reformer trained)

Certifications in:

  • Stott Prenatal
  • Stott lumber pelvic stability
  • Stott the shoulder girdle
  • Stott functional ageing
  • FAI How humans move, function versus anatomy
  • Pelvic floor health/post and prenatal Carolyn Anthony
  • Menopause and midlife health
  • Mbodies Psoas workshop by Cameron Angus
  • The biomechanics method (Fitpro)

Website: Instagram: @moniqueeastwood



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