Hollie Grant
Pilates PT
Located in:
Kensington and Chelsea, London, United Kingdom

Hollie Grant is the very well accomplished founder of Pilates PT. Not only has her method toned and honed hundreds, if not thousands (via her online platform), of bodies across the globe but she also has two very smart studios in Fulham and Knightsbridge. Her methods are effective at strengthening and conditioning her client’s bodies but it is her attention to ensuring that how the client is feeling whilst working out that create a winning combination that her clients return to again and again. Her outlook is incredibly positive and it is entirely infectious, you only need to follow Hollie on Instagram to fall in love with her sunny disposition and awareness of how others feel. And the Pilates PT team are no different – each member following in Hollie’s footsteps creating a safe and supported environment in which the client can achieve their wellness goals. The Pilates PT method online features expert content in the fields of nutrition, sleep, mental health (they teamed up with meditation app Headspace) and body confidence.


The Pilates PT Method promises to increase your fitness and strength, boost your flexibility, and improve your body confidence. Read more about it here.


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