Samantha O'Brien
Located in:
Surrey, United Kingdom

Pilates was always the lifestyle form of exercise I loved the most – moving, breathing and feeling good. It perfectly complimented the cardio and HIIT classes I was doing throughout the week. But, following a shoulder injury seven years ago, I was recommended Pilates as a form of rehabilitation. This is when Pilates not just became something I enjoyed, but it became and investment in my health, wellbeing and way of life.

Not only did Pilates enable me to fully recover, but it changed my body as I began to understand the fundamentals of the Pilates method. Now, as a fully certified Pilates instructor, regularly teaching mat work, pre-natal, post-natal and small equipment classes (soon-to-be a Reformer teacher as well), I am passionate about introducing others to Pilates, helping to show how each carefully curated movement can tone and strengthen the body, while being kind to the joints and muscles.

Teaching virtually and in-person, I specialise in rehabilitation Pilates and pre-natal, while further working with a handful of clients who simply enjoy private Pilates lessons as part of their lifestyle.

Located in Godalming Surrey, I teach locally and in the surrounding areas as well as travelling to London for private clients.

Private 1:1 (lifestyle, rehabilitation or pre- and post-natal) = £55 for 1hr

Private Duo (lifestyle, or pre- and post-natal) = £80 (£40 each) for 1hr

Virtual Live Classes = £7.50 per class / 45 minutes

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