Monica Buzzell
Located in:
United States

My name is Monica Buzzell. I graduated from Institute for Integrative Nutrition in August 2022 with a certificate in Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and have had my own health coaching business since that time. I offer one-on-one coaching, and also host webinars and classes on gluten free living, baking, and other gluten-free or celiac topics.

I am a Certified Gluten-Free Practitioner and a celiac/gluten free health coach for families and individuals who struggle with protecting themselves from getting exposed to gluten. I help people easily live and eat gluten free at home and with friends or family in order to have a higher confidence in food choices, improvement in health, and a blissfully gluten-free life!

I live in Vermont with my family but can work on zoom to reach many different time zones.



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