Located in:
East London, London, United Kingdom

Thalia is a certifield Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Her approach to diet and lifestyle is simple and straightforward and focuses on achieving sustainable long-term health, from the inside out. She believes one can have their cake *and* green juice too!

After suffering from burnout in her early twenties, and not having the right tools to implement ‘balance’ in her life, Thalia understands how much we put our bodies and minds through on a daily basis, how little time we think we have have to look after ourselves and how interconnected our life is to our health. Her work is rooted in bio-individuality, the theory that we are all unique beings with our own lifestyles, symptoms, conditions, needs and wants, and our approach to health should reflect that.

She hosts corporate wellbeing workshops and 1:1 with clients exploring their nutrition on and off their plate; equipping individuals with the tools, accountability and ability to take control of their health, have fun and achieve and sustain the best version of themselves, whatever that may look like.

Thalia is particularly passionate about; workplace wellbeing, women’s health, skin issues, gut health, hormones, stress management and lifestyle tools. You’ll always find her with a smile on her face – and probably some dark chocolate in her bag too!



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