Bianca Kamhi
Located in:
New York, United States

Bianca Kamhi is a Holistic Lifestyle & Accountability Coach offering monthly membership services to create goal oriented plans, focusing on bettering day to day habits. Bianca focuses on educating her clients on how to improve their lifestyle by implementing small changes that collectively make a larger difference with weight loss, skin conditions, work productivity, personal goals, and mindset shifts. Bianca’s role is to make sure you wake up every day as the best version of yourself, with set short-term and long-term goals in mind.

As a member of Bianca’s membership service, Living With Bianca, you will have access to weekly 1-hour coaching sessions, along with 15-minute touch base sessions at your discretion. Bianca’s methods with her clients are approachable and practical.

Bianca is based in New York and works with clients digitally around the globe.


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