Caroline Copp
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United Kingdom

In midlife pain can become life altering for professional women.

Hormonal changes mean that what was once a niggling desk-induced injury can quickly become life altering Chronic Pain. And the techniques that used to work to ease it are no longer effective. Add to this the increase in tension, stress and anxiety of menopause, and the busyness of home life, and the idea of finding a long term solution can seem overwhelming and improbable. The outcome is that women are not exercising and losing confidence, leaving careers earlier and are unable to enjoy their longed for home life, holidays and families.

MindBodyMeno has a selection of movement solutions for women in midlife who are looking to prioritise their health and move in a sustainable way to over come pain, boost mobility and create strong bodies for their active and busy futures.

Join us in The Pain Reset programme, in the THRIVE membership, at a live class or on a retreat.


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