Katie angotti nutrition
Located in:
Bristol, United Kingdom

I am a Registered Nutritionist and mum of one, based in Bristol but working remotely with women across the UK. I specialise in maternal and infant nutrition having worked with parents and brands for over 10 years in the NHS and baby food industry.

I help pregnant women to feel reassured and confident in their food choices during pregnancy, so that they can choose foods that both nourish themselves and their growing babies. I support new mums to focus on themselves in a gentle, positive way after pregnancy, quieting the noise that surrounds the postnatal period and focusing on what nutrition goals matter to you. I work with new parents to navigate the world on infant feeding choices, from milk to solid foods, choosing an approach that is right for you and your family.

This period of nutrition, from pregnancy to toddlerhood is a passion for me, and I love working with women entering this new phase in their lives, finding who they are as a parent and how their relationship with food changes.


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