Mindful Eyes - Rochelle Knowles
Located in:
Kensington and Chelsea, London, United Kingdom

Certified Health & Life Coach, Habits, Meditation and EFT expert, Holistic Lifestyle Influencer

Rochelle Knowles is a certified holistic health and life coach and founder of Mindful Eyes Movement, a unique coaching method combining transformation coaching, habit change, emotional clearing and meditation to help women who are stuck in a rut and continually repeating their destructive behaviours, to discover their purpose for change and create actionable steps to achieving a more fulfilled, healthy, happy and accomplished life. 

Rochelle graduated with a BA Hons & MSc in Business and Property Finance and spent the majority of her twenties working in the corporate world as a development manager. When the global pandemic struck and Rochelle was put on furlough she saw an opportunity to take a leap of faith and follow her passion to venture into a new career, as a coach to help others in the areas she had a vested interest in – self-help, personal development and health and wellbeing. In June 2020, Rochelle enrolled to become a certified holistic health and life coach with the Health Coach Institute. Since then, Rochelle has worked with countless women 1-2-1 and in a group coaching environment to enhance their life and bring clarity to their future.  

Rochelle’s experience with her own life coach after spending most of her twenties self-medicating with a spiral of drinking, smoking, partying, little sleep, takeaways and negative self-talk was her main driver to embark on this next stage in her life and career. Having been coached to break the bad habits that were stunting her health, progression and happiness and replace these with ones that nourished her mind, body and soul, Rochelle went from having severe anxiety and weekly panic attacks to discovering an inner sense of peace and calm – here she discovered her purpose. 

Rochelle incorporates techniques such as EFT, meditation, woundology, mental rehearsal, visualisation, breathing techniques, ecology and many coaching exercises to dig deeper into what the client truly desires, what may be holding them back and help them move into an optimal being state to attract more of what they want.

Rochelle aspires to become a pioneer in the self-help industry by the end of 2021, helping others to break free from how they think they should be, get in touch with who they really are, what’s important to them, forgive and heal from those that have wounded them, unleash their potential and create success strategy to achieve their dreams.





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