Mindful Eyes - Rochelle Knowles
Located in:
Kensington and Chelsea, London, United Kingdom

Rochelle Knowles is a qualified Trauma Informed Practitioner, Life and Health coach.

Rochelle has a Masters in property finance and a former career in property development. Since 2020 Rochelle has immersed herself in studying and learning holistic healing modalities after her own transformational experience with a life coach.

She dedicates herself to helping her clients to understand themselves, release suppressed emotions and change their mindset. Primarily focusing on self-worth, life purpose and habit change and little t trauma recovery.

Rochelle works with females a mix of influencers and non-influencers – all with one thing in common they want to improve themselves and their life.

Rochelle’s certifications include:

  • BA Hons in Business Management
  • MSc Property Finance
  • Health and Life Coaching Certification with HCI
  • Health Coaching with Chopra Institute
  • Trauma Informed Compassion Centered Coaching Practitioner

Rochelle has worked with 100s of clients online in one to one and group setting, runs in person events and mindfulness retreats. She adopts and implements a trauma informed approach with all levels of her business and client interactions.

Rochelle believes everyone should have access to these critical life healing tools, alongside holding space for healing and coaching she incorporates educating her clients on the why and the how something she believe is missing from standard coaching and therapy.




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