Miranda Lewis
Located in:
Oxford, United Kingdom

I have worked with private clients over 20 years helping them transform their relationship with themselves and step confidently into a body they love. I started out teaching private yoga and have since transitioned to holistic health and positive psychology coaching.

I originally worked in London, but moved online during 2020, which is awesome because I can work with clients all over the globe from my cosy Oxfordshire studio office.

I specialise with supporting women to break free from diet culture and transform their relationship with food to love themselves and live free from guilt.

I used to feel that my self-worth was defined by the number on the scale, or the size of jeans I could fit into but as I learnt to love myself, I also learnt to truly nourish myself: mind, body & soul.

My mission is to help girls and women fully accept themselves and stop abusing themselves through negative self talk, yo-yo dieting, and crushing guilt.


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