Wellude HealthCoach
Located in:
London, United Kingdom

I graduated from the College of Naturopathic Medicine’s Health Coach course because I wanted to help people who were struggling with stress and fatigue. After several years in London’s rat race, I realised how harmful the effects of daily commuting, improper eating and constantly worrying about everything were on my body.

That was the a-ha moment when I realised I had to do something with my lifestyle. I started researching about healthy eating and got some idea about what I should exclude from my diet, but the internet is a vast place and I didn’t have time to properly read and apply everything. With exercising, it was the same. That’s when I realised how beneficial it is to have a Health Coach by your side, to provide you with the right information and be with you every step of the way. Health Coaches advise on so much more than diet and exercise.

From the moment I got my Health Coach Diploma, I knew I wanted to specialise in stress and fatigue, as I had plentifully experienced them before. My sessions are online and I have three comprehensive coaching packages that you can choose from. All of my packs include plenty of time spent listening to your specific conditions and needs and tailoring personalized advice, meal plans and actions. Let’s do this!


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