Dr. Jenna Macciochi
Located in:
Brighton, United Kingdom

Dr. Jenna Macciochi is on a mission to help people understand how they can support their immune systems in order to cultivate long-term wellbeing through easy-to-implement lifestyle approaches that focus on simple ways to help you adapt and self-manage in the face of modern life’s daily challenges. Gaining her BSc. in Immunology at the University of Glasgow, Dr. Jenna Macciochi holds a PhD from Imperial College London specialising in allergy, chronic inflammation and resolution (2005). Focussing on the impact that diet and lifestyle has on the immune system, Jenna teaches her clients how to manage stress, eat well and sleep better to create a much stronger and more balanced immune system. Jenna is also a mum of twins, a lecturer at the University of Sussex, a trained fitness instructor, recipe creator, and writer.  Jenna has also held positions in infectious disease at The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine & worked in Biotech specialising in clinical retraining of immunological tolerance using oral immunotherapy.

Check out some of Dr Jenna’s recipes here (we are obsessed with the green pancakes): https://www.drjennamacciochi.com/wellbeing-recipes-rituals


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