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Eat Nourish Flourish
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South London, London, United Kingdom

Carey Davis-Munro is brilliant at changing the way you look at food as a whole family and shows you how to incorporate small, easy changes to make a big difference to yours and your children’s health. Specialising in fussy teens, busy mums and on-the-go families, Carey will show you how you can cook some delicious family-friendly meals that are nutritious as well. Having created recipes for Ocado, as well as creating award-winning healthy food products that retail in Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and Wholefoods, her dishes are tried and tested, plus Carey also has a background in education, learning and development as well as has studied The Institute of Optimum Nutrition’s short courses to further her knowledge on how to help families transition into a healthier way of eating. Be sure to check out some of her recipes featured on her website here as well: 

Watch Carey chatting about ways she can help you and your family’s nutrition habits here.