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Located in:
Stockholm, Sweden

Health Coaching teaches clients easy-to-implement tools that inspire and manifest real, positive lifestyle changes. Whether you are looking for increased energy, a better relationship with food, weight loss or clearer skin, a Health Coach may have the answer. Having come from a background in travel journalism working for Vogue in New York, Matilde Wergeland decided to follow her dreams and build a successful career in wellness. Matilde learned to be a Health Coach at the world’s largest nutrition school, The Institute of Integrative Nutrition (INN), where the education covers everything from gut microbiome to chronic inflammation, over 100 dietary theories and much more. It is Matilde’s mission to help guide as many people as possible to live out their best and healthiest lives possible, through her online programmes (you can see her one-on-one if you live in Stockholm), which are divided into 6-weeks, 3-months and 6-month plans.

Matilde offers Online Health Coaching: No matter where you are in the world, Mathilde can guide you through healthy lifestyle changes and arm you with the tools you need to reach your wellness goals from the comfort of your own home. Online coaching is done via skype and can be more flexible than face to face coaching as well as being a great way to continue your health coaching wherever you are in the world. Perfect for time-poor clients who also find they travel a lot, if you would like to benefit from Matilde’s expertise you need not be in her home town of Stockholm.

Also, if you’re into Green Smoothies then you’ll love Matilde’s Green Smoothie tips


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