Amal Alaoui
Located in:
Kensington and Chelsea, London, United Kingdom

I have a private clinical practice in London’s SE23 & SW3 and also offer Zoom sessions worldwide. Operating as a craniosacral therapist, homeopath and wellness mentor, I am able to restore you to your balanced self both mentally and physically. I address the root of your stress to understand how your life’s events and lifestyle have impacted on you feeling the way you feel.  Several sessions are often needed to see a shift in the symptoms I can help with. Chronic fatigue, autoimmune, inflammatory conditions, anxiety and panic attacks are some of the symptoms I have a great deal of experience in. See my Google reviews and also what clients have said on my website  I am registered with Society Homeopaths and also Craniosacral Therapy Assocation UK, having been a therapist for more than 12 years working with babies, children and adults.


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