Belinda Matwali
Located in:
North London, London, United Kingdom

Belinda is a Spiritual Mentor and Meditation Guide. She has over ten years experience in meditation training and study and completed 19 meditation trainings with her Masters in India.

She offers 1-2-1 Spirutal Mentoring through which she encourages and guides people back to their deepest self and learn meditation tools that suit them individually that they can always come back to. Meditation is not one size fits all, so Belinda really listens to tune into what each person needs.

Much of her mentoring focuses around helping you come back to your truest essence, moving through self limiting beliefs, tuning into your dreams and visions, feeling more assertive in your authenticity in your relationships with others and how you move in the world.

She often helps people who are moving through relationship breakups, feeling lost in life, feeling unheard at work or feeling curious about awakening to what spirituality means for them.

Belinda has trained in Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga, various meditation courses, Nutritional Therapy, Sound Therapy and is currently doing a year long psychotherapeutic training with Dr Gabor Mate called Compassionate Inquiry to help her clients more deeply.

She also has a range of meditation courses and creates bespoke Workplace Wellness sessions for anyone wanting to bring mindfulness and meditation into their office in a fun and interesting way.

She’s collaborated with Deliciously Ella, Sweaty Betty, Wanderlust, Beatport and more..

If you’re curious about working with Belinda either in a Spiritual Mentoring capacity or through a course or workshop, please arrange a free 15min call via her website.


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