Located in:
Central London, London, United Kingdom

Ben Pianese is committed to providing pain relief that is both effective and innovative for common muscle overuse issues. Muscle strains and pulls, low back and hip pain, tight calf and hamstrings, back and shoulder restrictions, and neck rotation aches and pains are examples of these.

Massaggi represents his personal vision of combining traditional massage therapy techniques with modern science to create a completely personalised massage therapy approach.

Ben employs a strong sports massage and muscle release therapy to assist locked muscles in regaining memory and releasing tension. Rather than relying on previous case histories and treatments to provide a pre-determined treatment session, Ben performs a visual inspection prior to beginning treatment, allowing him to pinpoint the source of muscular aches and pains and provide treatment that is specifically tailored to each individual.

Ben Pianese’s work successfully combines the Emmett Technique with a ‘Chameleon Approach,‘ as well as his extensive knowledge and experience in sports massage and deep tissue massage, to deliver a course of massage therapy that can address virtually any issue arising from muscle tissue or nerve injury, physical restrictions, postural interconnection, and rebooting of energetic structural balance.


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