Natalia Bojanic meditation
Natalia Bojanic
Located in:
Central London, London, United Kingdom

The incredibly kind, spiritual and creative Founder behind Switch Om, Natalia Bojanic, is passionate about making mindfulness accessible to everyone and especially in the work-place. Also the co-Founder of the award-winning plant based nutrition company, Form, Natalia has a wealth of wellness industry knowledge as well as 10 years of PR industry experience under her belt to. Natalia left the corporate world to study meditation and mindfulness in order to help teach the skills she has learned and host Mindful Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Training workshops in the corporate world, sharing practical tools that help people live more meaningful and joyful lives.

She is a qualified meditation teacher with wide-ranging training, from spending time in a monastery in Nepal to becoming a certified teacher by Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute – a program born at Google and developed by thought leaders in Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness. 

The interactive program Natalia teaches includes: 

  • An overview of the neuroscience supporting mindfulness and emotional intelligence. 
  • A deep-dive into the emotional intelligence capacities: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and leadership. 
  • Practical exercises to focus attention and develop self- awareness and empathy, the foundation for self-mastery and leadership. 
  • Specific workplace applications to help participants achieve greater focus, emotional balance, empathy and motivation. 
  • A highly interactive experience, with 1/3 presentation and 2/3 hands-on exercises. 
  • A 28-day challenge following the program. Daily resources and exercises are provided to help people build new habits after the training.

Be sure to also check out Natalia’s meditations on instagram at @nataliabojanic


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