Trisha Mckeown
Located in:
Surrey, United Kingdom

My name is Trisha McKeown and I have been a holistic therapist since 2012. I first trained in holistic massage, ranging from Swedish, and aromatherapy to all the advanced techniques including Indian Head Massage. One of the most important factors for me as a holistic therapist is to really listen to the client and hear what they are saying.  This part of the treatment became so important to me that I went on to do a post-graduate qualification in order to become a Mindfulness Instructor.  I have been teaching people from all walks of life how to use Mindfulness in every day practical techniques and practices to support and guide them to have less stress, anxiety, tension and a more balanced fulfilled life.  I have recently obtained a L2 qualification in counselling skills which allows me to further enhance my skills with people wanting to learn about Mindfulness.

I am based in Surrey and am happy to host small groups in my home, larger groups at a near by venue or even on video calls.


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