Located in:
North-west London, London, United Kingdom
I help purpose-driven women overcome their body insecurities, so they can sky rocket their body confidence and finally love what they see in the mirror.
The beauty industry has drilled into us that for us to be happy in our body, we have to be thinner, or be on this diet and do that exercise. But true happiness in your body starts with working on your mind.
Mindset work is the foundation of my programmes, because speaking from experience, I know that for physical and mental change to happen within our bodies, we need to focus on what is going on in our mind and thoughts first.
I have two signature programmes, my 12 week 1:1 Body Empowerment Programme and my 6 week Body Freedom Group Programme. Both programmes have seen all my clients succeed in progressing to a point where they love themselves, which is the most rewarding thing to witness.
With over five years of experience as a sports massage therapist, I have witnessed all shapes and sizes, all worries and fears. I saw pain, struggle and discomfort, not just in physical form. Demotivation, heartache, frustration and fatigue were bubbling up in so many of my clients.
Being able to not only massage the body but the mind too, I have found my passion lies in providing a safe, empowering, fun and transformative space for my clients.


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