Jenny Chu
Located in:
East London, London, United Kingdom

Hi! I’m Jenny, a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach.

My journey with nutrition started when I was much younger. My parents are from Mauritius, a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean, and ranked 4th in the world for diabetes prevalence. But despite living in London for more years than his home country, it didn’t stop my dad from developing diabetes.

I have a degree in Psychology but decided to go back to education and study Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching with the Institute of Health & Sciences. I wanted to integrate it with what I already knew about human behaviour, to understand how someone like my dad could eat to better his health, while learning how to change and stick to new eating habits. What I realise now is that like my dad, most people trying to make a change to their diet to better their health, be it to improve their energy, reduce their blood sugars, or lose weight, are more likely to succeed if they have a more personalised approach to the way they eat, with regular support to motivate and hold them accountable through the changes.

I support my clients in making changes to their nutrition and lifestyle, through small sustainable changes, as a way of moving them towards their health goals. Understanding that changes cannot happen overnight, and working through the challenges they may face is one of the ways I support my clients, while personalised tools such as meal plans, nutrition analysis and action plans help to keep them on track.

I have a particular interest in working with women who have reached mid-life and looking for support as they transition through the menopause.

For women in this life stage, weight gain, rising blood sugars and insulin imbalance become important risk factors for other conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Studies suggest if we have more balanced hormones during our menstruating years, there may be less symptoms associated with the perimenopause and menopause, so it is never too early to start looking at ways we can support our hormonal health.

Through my 4 week Menopause Transition Programme I help women:

~ Understand how to track their menstrual cycle

~ Identify foods to focus on during the different menstrual phases

~ Understand fluctuations in their hormones and how to support oestrogen & progesterone balance

~ Identify foods to focus on during the different phases of the menopause transition

~ Support sleep and stress

Together with my husband, I also work with people who may be pre-diabetic or at higher risk of developing diabetes and looking for support in lowering their blood sugars. We combine doctor-led workshops with nutrition & lifestyle coaching to provide personalised support, tools and advice to help people make sustainable changes to the way they eat, for better health, weight and lowered risk of diabetes.

My Credentials: • Institute of Health Sciences: Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching • UKHCA membership • BSc Psychology


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