Abigail Attenborough
Located in:
Oxford, United Kingdom

Hey there,

I am Abby from ABBYFIT & NOURISHED. Experienced level 3, personal trainer and AfN certified nutritionist. My mission is to help people enjoy longer, healthier lives by finding a sustainable balance of good nutrition, good movement and strength. 

For me, life is about THRIVING, not just surviving – I can help you get this. The most important thing with my fitness and nutrition coaching is that it works for you. I believe that every individual has separate requirements, depending upon their body.  ABBYFIT & NOURISHED can offer you both fitness and nutrition as they are both as important as one another. 

The science of nutrition is complex, but eating a nutritious diet shouldn’t be. I take a fact-based approach to nutrition – your individualised plan will be flexible, enjoyable and sustainable. Your plan will suit your lifestyle, time constraints and dietary requirements. I will help you gain back control and educate you so that you can make informed proactive measures for your own health and well-being!

I offer a range of nutrition specialities including sport and active nutrition, weight management, diabetes and heart health (such as hypertension or hypercholesteremia). I also offer corporate nutrition services including wellness workshops, health writing and 1-2-1 consultations.


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