Holly Elizabeth Pilates
Located in:
Exeter, United Kingdom

A bit about me and my classes

Having had a nasty skiing accident when I was 18, I found an incredible physiotherapist who was also a Pilates teacher. After being diagnosed with CRPS in my left leg, gentle Pilates was the only form of exercise I could manage. Practising Pilates regularly as part of my rehab programme was life changing. I was able to rebuild my strength, mobility and increase my flexibility, as well as having something to look forward to each day. This is when I fell in love with Pilates, I was able to completely transform my body and mind. Once I had made a full recovery, I was encouraged to train to become a teacher with the Prestigious Body Control Pilates in London where I gained my Level 3 Mat and Reformer Pilates qualification.

After 3 years of self-practise and 7 years of teaching Pilates across London for celebrities, corporates and in private members clubs, my dream is to bring Pilates to everyone which is why Holly Elizabeth Pilates is a fully online studio, so anyone in the world can experience the amazing benefits of Pilates.

My classes are focused on building full body strength, creating long lean limbs, increasing your flexibility and soothing the mind. I take a holistic, calming approach but will get you working up a sweat! I love seeing my clients come back each week standing taller, looking stronger and feeling more confident. It really is the best part about teaching Pilates.

Breath, Concentration, Control, Precision, Centre and Flow are the six Principles of Pilates. As your teacher I incorporate these into every class, including fun and unique flows so every class is different!


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