Xtrafit London
Located in:
London, United Kingdom

Xtrafit London  pride themselves on offering a professional, unique personal training service that fits into your schedule and finances to help you achieve your goal whatever that may be. Professional and friendly one-to-one and group fitness training in London. They can help you “Look Better “Feel Better” “Perform Better”.

What They Do
Xtrafit transforms bodies and delivers weight loss in an intelligent, thoughtful and inspiring way. Their programmes combine the very best in nutrition, exercise, and mind-set and lifestyle advice, integrating the latest science with practical, real-world suggestions, tailored to work with your lifestyle and changes as you progress week by week.

At the initial consultation they will outline your aims and goals while understanding your lifestyle. They will then put together a programme, which will support and motivate you to enable you to meet these goals, guiding you to find the balance you need to re-wire habits. With the commitment ‘no goal is too big’ with consistence, education, training and nutrition, Xtrafit will help you meet your goals.

Olivia Pettifer  Director and Head Coach at Xtrafit London

“I knew from a young age that I would one day be involved in the Health & Fitness industry. My passion in this sector has only grown over the years and has developed a lot into many different fields. From being an avid hockey player to a regular cyclist and weight trainer. I started Xtra-fit with a view and desire to help others reach their fitness goals in a way they never thought possible.

Being fit isn’t just about looking your best but feeling your best. I have had my fair share of injuries and setbacks along the way which has made me realise that your health is priceless and even small steps can make huge impact upon your future health.”



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