Flexible Mindset Yoga
Located in:
Oxford, United Kingdom

Ali James (aka the woman behind Flexible Mindset Yoga) is a registered Yoga Instructor with the internationally recognised Yoga Alliance. Taking her inspiration from nature and the outdoors, she enjoys removing the stereotypical images of yoga and making it more accessible to everyone, as both a complementary practice to help performance, range of motion and injury prevention in sport and other fitness activity, and as a way of staying supple and stable, wherever you are in your life.  Specialising in one-to-one sessions, bespoke classes and retreats, Ali works mainly with accomplished athletes and sportspeople, but also with beginners, those with restricted movement, and more experienced yogis. Each session is tailored to the needs of the individual or small group. Ali also offers Wellness at Work sessions that cover how to manage stress, work effectively as a team and be more mindful, healthy and emotionally intelligent in the workplace.


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