Located in:
Central London, London, United Kingdom

Re+Cultivate founder, Cassandra Hawthorne (BSc, Lic Ac, MBAcC, CHM Dip), is a licensed Chinese medicine practitioner. Highly specialised, with a postgraduate degree in Advanced Chinese Medicine, she brings a thorough knowledge of anatomy, medical terminology, nutrition and lifestyle coaching to her practice.

Inspired to study Chinese medicine through her own transformative healing journey, Cassandra offers a comprehensive range of services, customised to your individual needs, symptoms and goals.

Cassandra is registered with The British Acupuncture Council and Federation of Traditional Chinese medicine – ensuring she maintains the highest levels of clinical practice. She offers in-person treatment in southwest London, SW14, and some treatments are also available via secure online consultation. Cassandra also works in the NHS helping cancer patients with common side effects of cancer treatment such as hot flushes, pain and anxiety.


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