Sarah Mariko
Located in:
North London, London, United Kingdom

One of the first Barry’s Bootcamp trainers employed in London, and now based in LA, Sarah Mariko has spent over a decade teaching women of all ages, observing extreme fitness fads come in and out, as well as unrealistic expectations about how a woman should look and act. A pressing need was clear for guidance for 30+ women which included specific and targeted movements for the maturing body, forgiving nutrition plans and practical, but, most importantly, fun fitness programmes which encourages letting your hair down.

Mariko decided to remedy this with MOVE with Mariko, a new app which is built around the ‘30 for 30s’ principle – 30 minute daily workouts for busy women juggling work, family, friends and society pressures; 30 day fitness challenges; 30 minute easy-to-make recipes, as well as an online community discussion area where the group also meet IRL and socialise.

The workouts are informed by latest research, including the recent Schmidt Heart Institute paper in California March 2024, which outlines the need for tailor made fitness for female anatomy. Combining this with Mariko’s own experience and observations on how female bodies change with age, the MOVE programme helps target problem areas specifically for 30- 40 year old women.

Mariko said: “I am passionate about making ALL women feel healthy, empowered and confident. Whether you are a new mum getting used to the changes in your body or needing a quick workout to coincide with baby’s nap or a single mid 30s manic with a hectic work schedule and sick of everyone pushing you to look and act a certain way.

We can all put aside 30 minutes in our day and my 360 platform aims to help target every part of your changing body. Sustainability and consistency is what we are striving for and 30 minute workouts allows us to do this. After 5 days of training, I also actively encourage everyone to let off steam – indulge in alcohol and party! My clients have been telling me for years they love my short and sharp training classes and how I don’t scorn them for letting their hair down – I call it “work out then out out…”

Vanessa White, The Saturdays, commented: “I have been training with Sarah for years – I trialled the new app and it’s already in sync with my busy schedule. The sessions really target the parts of my body I feel need strengthening with age – I love the Bunda ones – it breaks fitness down into achievable 30 minute chunks each day.”

Prices: £15.99 per month (14.99 with 15% founding members discount) / Quarterly £45.00 / £150 per year


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