Zita West
Located in:
Central London, London, United Kingdom

Having been a midwife for nearly 40 years, Zita has seen couples throughout all stages of pregnancy and beyond. She turned her focus to fertility 25 years ago and has since then helped thousands of clients get started on the incredible journey to parenthood.

Having been surrounded by midwives most of her life (her own mother was also a midwife), Zita’s approach is to combine holistic health with the best in western medicine. Her own pregnancies and days of early parenthood were not easy, with Zita experiencing terrible morning sickness and then mild postnatal depression after the birth of her second baby. Determined to find a natural approach, Zita discovered acupuncture – a huge relief to many of the pregnancy ailments she was feeling and it also had an impact on the postpartum depression she experienced with her second son. This led Zita to train in Acupuncture herself and further led her to also study Nutrition – all with a focus on supporting body and mind when conceiving, pregnant or during the postnatal periods.

Zita then opened the Zita West Clinic in 2001 with the specific mission to help support couples to get in the best possible shape for fertility and pregnancy and to find solutions for those who are having problems. From there the Zita West Clinic launched its own brand of vitamin and mineral supplements for male and females to support fertility, pregnancy and the postnatal period.

In 2011 their first IVF programme was launched, and has gone on to provide some of the best pregnancy rates in the UK.

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