The Well Community - Jenny Jungell
Located in:
Helsinki, Finland

Jenny is a Holistic Wellness Coach, Yoga Teacher, and passionate health enthusiast. Her mission is to help people achieve wellbeing, balance, and a sense of fulfilment in life – to be the best version of themselves. Whether you are looking for more balance in your everyday life, increased energy, solutions to breaking unhelpful habits or if you are simply in need of some extra wellness guidance and inspiration – Jenny’s coaching provides the support and encouragement needed for real, lasting changes to take place.

Jenny believes in a holistic approach to health and wellness, to focus on the person as a whole; the physical body, emotional wellbeing, and mental health. The coaching is tailored to your needs and goals, working towards a more healthy and balanced everyday life. By providing you with the tools to empower you to make great, healthy decisions, Jenny believes that through finding your version of health and wellness life gets a bit easier and more joyful.

Jenny is a Bachelor of Applied Sciences (Sport’s and Health promotion), Nutrition Counselling, Certified Holistic Wellness Coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition), Yoga Teacher (RYT200), Yin Yoga (RYT50). She is constantly seeking new knowledge in the field of wellbeing, physical practice, and nutrition. Located in Finland, available worldwide. She offers online health coaching through Skype and by phone/email and yoga and wellness workshops/ lectures for retreats and events. Be sure to check out her webpage for more info, and do not hesitate to get in contact.

“I believe that wellness comes from being gentle to yourself and taking care of your body. Kind thoughts, time spent with people who give you energy, the joy of movement, enough rest and nourishing food, this all makes a recipe for a healthy life.” Jenny Jungell


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